Take one million

I have tried and failed at this blog. I tried to do a picture a day. I tried to write about me. I tried to do product reviews. I want to write. I want to share. I want to post pictures. I guess I am going to do whatever I want on here. Make it my creativity spot.

So, I will share this:
I’d like to say I found this artist, because I am just always searching for new artists. But its not. For my iGoogle settings I have the artist a day feature. Yesterday Julian Lesser was featured.

Oh my. oh me oh my. This is my absolute favorite. I wish I could purchase several of his prints and put them up all over my room. Oh, to not have the budget of a broke college student!


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The pack
Wouldn’t want to meet them in an alley, eh? Tough pups.

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Meeting his canine cousin.

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Oh my. Sometimes I look at her and can’t stand the cute.
She worked so hard figuring out how to drink out of the big dog’s bowl. She tried craning her neck while sitting, craning her neck while standing. She learned to stand on the edge and stick out her little tongue as far as possible. Voila! One of the big dogs.

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Oops. I would call that a fail, but I am just going to pick up where I left off on 365!

Mother’s Day flowers
I am in love with their color. I want a house full of these roses.

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Pip’s favorite activity
She is teething and chewing is her favorite. Especially hands.

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Oh no.

Oh my. This is Pip. She is our newest puppy. She weights one pound and seven ounces. She loves to cuddle and has the most glorious puppy breath.

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We gorged ourselves at Olive Garden. Where I spilled a huge glass of water, of course.

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This crappy iphone picture doesn’t do them justice. Their beauty screams Spring.

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A visitor!
My cousin. My childhood best friend. We would play for hours in the play room at my grandma’s house. Five minutes together and we are back to our original roles.

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