Infinitely Boring

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist was a terrible book. 

So, okay, maybe I am being a bit harsh here. Because, clearly this book is not meant for my demographic, and if it is maybe I am just abnormal. I mean, I was reading David Sedaris when I was twelve years old. But, back to the book. It just tried too hard to be cool, funny and all that stuff. So, we GET IT. The main characters are DIFFERENT. They don’t really FIT IN. Give it a rest already. The only reason I even read it was the fact that I got it for free.


But, cut to five minutes ago, and I find out there is a Nick and Norah movie coming out. I did my usual gag, eye roll, can we please have a good book be turned into a good movie. That is until I found out my wanna be best friend is in it. Michael fucking Cera! 


I can confidently say that a crap book and potential crap movie is not gonna be so crappy, because George Michael is in it. I have loved him since his cousin loving days on Arrested Development and totally retarded but loving teenager in Juno. George Michael, you better not let me down.


August 2, 2008. Uncategorized.

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