Little things

A few memories I’ve been thinking about lately

I was six years old and we went to the San Diego Zoo. I don’t remember much from that trip except this: 

There was a display about Dodo birds and my mom was helping me read it. She explained that they were extinct, and so they no longer existed. I remember feeling sad that they were gone, no longer part of this world. I had learned about dinosaurs, but they seemed so pre-historic I didn’t think anything of them. Dodo birds looked real. It made me sad that I could never see them again. 

When I was eight my dad and I went to Disneyland with his “lady friend” Mika, his friend Eric and Eric’s two children. The kids often overwhelmed and annoyed me at the park. My dad and I split from them one day so I could go back to the hotel and take a nap. I woke up just as it was getting dark with a splitting headache. I wanted to go back to the park. We sat on a bench in main street and I sipped on a bottle of orange juice. My dad bought me a Minnie balloon and I felt better and we went on my favorite ride. The Pirates of The Caribbean. 

We were vacationing in Twain Heart with my mom’s boyfriend and his daughter. My brother and my cousin were there as well. We woke up in the morning and my mom packed lunch for everyone and braided my hair. We went to this little, secluded beach where there were rocks to climb and plenty of free space to play. The boys went off to do something while my mom watched Me and Christine. 

I remember playing in the ice cold water, sitting in the sand and slapping my hand in the water to see the sand swirl around and settle. There were these little water bugs that would hop around the surface of the water. They didn’t scare me like most bugs did. We ate lunch on an old picnic table. I remember crunching on sun chips and after eating climbing a rock with Christine. It was a good day.


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