I was really looking forward to this…
And it turned out to be completely disappointing. I blame the soy milk. Doesn’t compare to good old fashioned dairy.


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Say Anything

I love this movie. I’ve really been into romantic comedies lately. Spring fever, eh?

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The most boring class, EVER.

It went on forever and by the end I stopped taking notes, because it was the most pointless thing, EVER. Acid Rain. Whatever.

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De-skunked and still smelly.
Dumb dogs

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Sleeping Mom

It was my little cousin’s third birthday party today, but I forgot to take any pictures. So, lets pretend my mom was partying really hard with a three year old. Which, she kind of was. He was super excited and he came up to her and bit her so hard on her boob, she yelped. What a fun party!

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Angela’s mom in her gardening clothes.

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One hellish week out of every month.

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Inspired by my cousin, I am going to participate in 365. A picture a day. Here we go!


My textbook. After kinda, sorta reading for class.

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Failed nablopomo.

I know, i know. I came home for the weekend and POOF! Forgot to blog. Blame it on my family.

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Just, WOW.

What is there to say? He did it. Barack Obama is going to be our next president. Last night was amazing and inspiring and so exciting. I spent the night watching election coverage with my roommates. We were screaming and crying, so relieved and hopeful about our future. Obama has a big job ahead of him, but I have all the confidence in the world he will pull it off. 

I will never forget his speech. Sitting there on my couch, in my small college town, crying and holding hands with my roommate. To have my generation emotional and captivated and interested in the presidency. Now, that is amazing. And feels so, so good. We can do this. 

Yes we can.

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